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Classroom Reading Methods

Chorale Reading
The teacher and student/small group/class read a story together and aloud. This builds reading comprehension and fluency.

Cued Reading
A teacher utilizes introductory discussion about a story before reading. This builds student comprehension and interest in reading.

Echo Reading
A teacher reads a text, one sentence at a time, as the student follows along. The student then attempts to imitate or "echo" the teacher. This technique builds fluency and confidence in oral reading skills.

Group Dynamic Reading
In a small group, the teacher and students take turns in reading the text. At first, the children follow what the teacher reads with their fingers. After this, the students read while the teacher listens. This builds oral reading skills and fluency.

Guided Reading
A student reads with the assistance of an instructor as it is needed. When an unfamiliar word appears, the instructor either tells the student the word or assists the student in decoding the word. During the story, the teacher stops at certain points and questions the student in order to determine/guide comprehension. This helps build practice in comprehension, decoding, sight word vocabulary, and oral reading.

Lap Reading
A student sits on a parent�s or teacher�s lap and listens to high interest stories. The goal of this technique is to build a student�s interest in reading, while creating a good oral reading model. This nurturing environment can be replicated in a story corner or anywhere that the child feels comfortable.

Repeated Reading
A student chooses a challenging text and listens to the instructor read it. The student then reads the text by him/herself. This process continues until the student can fluently read the text. This method can be woven into many different literacy approaches and adapted to different circumstances. It builds decoding, reading fluency and student confidence.

Shared Reading
The teacher reads a text while the student observes and follows along silently. This method helps build reading fluency and comprehension.

Silent Reading
Students read silently for a specified period of time. This method builds confidence in reading skills, but should only be used when students are ready.

Tape-Assisted Reading
A student reads along with a tape-recorded passage. Students continue at their own pace while building decoding skills, sight word vocabulary and fluency. It is important to use taped readings that are short in duration (3-4 minutes at the most) and read in phrases to ensure that students do are not lost or confused.

Theatrical Reading
In a small group, students take turns reading a story while an assigned student acts out what is read. This builds interest in reading and may break up the monotony in a lesson.

Whisper Reading
While a student reads a text aloud, the teacher whispers assistance in the student�s ear as needed. This builds reading fluency and oral reading confidence.

Last Updated on June 20, 2010

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